At FirstOption, excellence is built upon four fundamental principles: World Class Customer Service, Proactive Communication, the most refined Filtration Process in the industry and Celebrating Success.

1 – World-Class Customer Service

  • At FirstOption, it’s always about you
  • We are your partner, not your vendor
  • We provide quality, dependable talent that fits your needs
  • We ask a lot of questions and take the time to get to know you, your business, your management team, culture, workforce related challenges and goals for the future
  • We continually measure, track and respond to our Client Partner’s needs and market conditions
  • We constantly elicit feedback from both our Client Partners, Applicants and Team Members. Continuous Improvement is something we take very serious around here and “good” is never good enough
  • Our staff is passionate and here for you, when you need us

2 – Proactive Communication

  • We understand the frustration that comes from poor, passive communication. You won’t experience that with us
  • We believe in listening more than speaking
  • We are very good at anticipating potential problems and taking pre-emptive steps to ensure they never come to be
  • When problems are unavoidable, we are aggressive in applying the right solutions, quickly to minimize negative impacts
  • We utilize advanced technology in all aspects of our operations
  • Our team employs various formal and informal methodologies to ensure our valued customers receive the best service possible, at all times
  • Our team is available to our valued customers 24/7/365

3 – Robust, Refined Filtration

  • You require and deserve quality dependable talent and our world-class filtration processes ensure nothing less
  • Most companies place ads in one or two sources. We employ up to 87 sources to find the best candidates available
  • Every candidate we consider goes through a stringent process on background checks, drug screening and skill assessment before being placed
  • Once placed, we follow up consistently with our new hires and client partner to ensure everyone is setup for success

4 – Celebrate success

  • FirstOption is proud of the important work that we do
  • We receive compliments from our candidates, team members and client partners daily
  • We believe that when those we serve win, we win…and that’s reason to celebrate!