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The FirstOption team comes to the table with a variety of skills and experiences. Each member of our team is dedicated to a single set of values, which are built around our Purpose as a company. For small and large clients, major and minor markets, and candidates of every level, our commitment remains the same.


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We promise to deliver the best filtration process in the business, proactive communication and an incredible experience.

 A San Antonio Staffing Agency and So Much More

At FirstOption Workforce Solutions, we don’t just offer typical temp services in San Antonio. We offer unique and customized staffing solutions to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are completely and adequately met. Whether you need a new long-term employee, or if you’re just looking for someone to assist you with a huge project, our staffing solutions are sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

  •  Contract or Temporary Employees – This solution is perfect for one-time projects, seasonal fluctuations and other situations in which short-term help is needed. Unlike many staffing companies in San Antonio, however, FirstOption Workforce Solutions strives to provide highly qualified employees for temporary or contract positions. This type of staffing is used for last minute fill-ins, short or long term projects, and increased workloads during peak seasons, or extra people to meet a deadline. After your project is up for evaluation, temporary employees report back to us for further assignments. There is no unemployment claims or lingering injury claims with which to deal. We keep a large database of many types of people whether your need is one or one hundred.
  • Temp-to-Hire Employees – With this solution, you can keep your options open. When the contract is available for review and an employee has worked the required amount of hours per your contract, you can hire the employee permanently if you would like. The required hours depend on the quantity of temps needed, level of demand for a specific skill set, cost per hire, and many other factors. This is an excellent way to gain a first-hand evaluation to see whether an employee is a good fit. The temp-to-hire program is the most popular way many of our clients find new employees because it allows the employer to try out potential new employees before they make a hiring commitment.
  • Direct-Placement Employees – When you need a highly skilled, permanent employee, our direct placement services are sure to work perfectly. Many businesses have already taken advantage of our direct placement services, and they have been pleased with the results. In this case, FirstOption Workforce Solutions will handle every step of the employment process. We will recruit candidates, screen them and handle all of the logistics of making them full-time employees. We have access to an extensive array of top-notch recruiting resources, and the fact that we are locally owned gives us an in-depth understanding of the San Antonio business landscape. FirstOption Workforce Solutions assumes the responsibility of advertising, screening, testing, and presenting qualified candidates to the Client Company. The chosen candidate would then be eligible to be placed directly on the Clients Payroll for a fee. Fees are generally dependent on the difficulty in attaining the right candidates. The market changes depending on the supply and demand for different types of people. Yes, Good People are a commodity!
  • Onsite Management – Let FirstOption Workforce Solutions save you time, money, and frustration by allowing us to manage your workforce. Our staffing representatives will handle the day to day management of the contract employees. We will keep a ready supply of screened, tested, and trained personnel to meet your demand.
  • Payrolling – FirstOption Workforce Solutions can also help reduce your administrative burden and headaches surrounding the payroll of current or former employees that you just do not want on your payroll. We assume the following; Employee of record, tax liabilities, new hire reporting, worker’s compensation management, provide direct deposit, child support deduction and submission, process and distribute all W-2’s and 1099s, unemployment insurance and claim processing, and much more.
  • Client Web Connect – As a FirstOption Workforce Solutions client you will have access to an online login center with the ability to review open orders, see current placements, place new orders, approve timecards and view invoicing details. If you so choose, your current temporary employees will also have the capability to enter and submit timecards on the web, and access payroll information, including check amounts.


Over the years, we have helped thousands of people find great jobs. Using this experience, we’ve developed useful tools to help job seekers get the most out of their relationship with FirstOption. Below, you will find links to useful and timely articles and tips on finding the best positions.

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